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Am I Entitled to be a Tourist?

I sat near the window, sipping coffee and observing the workers outside as they loaded all of the luggage onto the plane. I watched intently as a young man in an orange vest heaved my two overweight suitcases onto the conveyor belt. My eyes followed those big, blue...

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Why Communities of Color Don’t Need Saving

I walked into my first class and saw a room full of girls whose appearances closely resembled mine; dark hair, brown skin, and deep, energetic eyes. I sat down at a table with some of them and didn’t say a word. I noticed their eyes wandering around the room,...

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Why Pay to Volunteer?

Paying to volunteer can seem like a contradiction in terms. After all, you are already offering your time for free and covering your expenses. Some people assume that to pay to volunteer is just blatant commercialization, and free volunteering is better, but this...

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Volunteering Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Throughout your volunteer experience, you have the chance to determine to what degree you will integrate yourself into the local culture and to what degree the local culture will become a part of you. Though many volunteers live in luxury relative to local people,...

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Volunteering: How to Avoid Creating a Void

At Learning Service we talk a lot about how volunteering can sometimes create more problems than it solves. If volunteers are only providing band aid solutions then the underlying problem will persist and can even be perpetuated. For example, if volunteers build...

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“I have changed the way I look at volunteering abroad”

This is a guest post by International Development student Isabella Da Ruos, who shares her experience of volunteering abroad.   Millions of people travel overseas each year, some seeking a break from their busy lives, some for work and perhaps others as a means for an...

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