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Volunteering: How to Avoid Creating a Void

At Learning Service we talk a lot about how volunteering can sometimes create more problems than it solves. If volunteers are only providing band aid solutions then the underlying problem will persist and can even be perpetuated. For example, if volunteers build...

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“I have changed the way I look at volunteering abroad”

This is a guest post by International Development student Isabella Da Ruos, who shares her experience of volunteering abroad.   Millions of people travel overseas each year, some seeking a break from their busy lives, some for work and perhaps others as a means for an...

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Learning Service and Where There Be Dragons

Student travel company Where There Be Dragons have adopted the language of learning service and use the book in their programs abroad. We caught up with Jenny Wagner about how the learning service approach fits with what they offer to students.   Learning Service: Can...

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The Commodification of Volunteer Tourism

This is a guest post from Dr Hayley Stainton, that has been republished with permission from her blog Life As A Butterfly.   Volunteering and travelling opportunities were once an only option for skilled medical professionals who would work their trade and support...

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Then and Now: How my Perspective on Volunteering Changed

This is a guest post by Georgia Rodgers, who changed her own perspectives so much after volunteering that she wondered if other volunteers had been similarly impacted. The post is being simultaneously shared on her own blog, Use Your Privilege for Good.   “Action...

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