The Learning Service team and our partners are often asked to do workshops, trainings, or private consulting work with schools, travel companies, and organizations looking to re-examine their approach to international travel, philanthropy, and cultural exchanges. We offer customized services such as:


  •  Philanthropic workshops/trainings/consulting to help you re-examine how you and your team give your time and money


  •  Voluntourism101 consulting services – analysis of current offerings, strategy for rolling out new programs, training on best practices and lessons learned


  •  Bespoke travel planning


  •  Corporate social impact planning – involving your employees in global social issues in a meaningful way to all involved


  •  Lessons learned exchanges and trainings for travel companies, study abroad centres, and international volunteer programs


If you our your company, educational institution, or travel operator are looking for help in any of these areas,

please reach out to us to see how we might be able to help.



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