How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas

Learning Service co-authors, Joeseph Collins and Zahara Heckscher, along with Stefano DeZerega, co-wrote a book about international volunteering called “How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas”. Check it out, while you’re waiting for the new Learning Service book to come out. The book includes

• Pros and cons of the Peace Corps
• Evaluations of over 80 other volunteer programs
• Tips on selecting and preparing for a volunteer program
• Instructive stories including “Volunteers from Hell” and “10 Worst Reasons to Volunteer Abroad”
• Critically acclaimed book, the first to provide a complete guide to international volunteering

“Volunteering overseas can be a rewarding and enriching experience. But it requires sympathy, reciprocity, willingness to learn as well as to give, and an understanding of the problems and opportunities, which are many and complex. This book is a wonderful guide that addresses all of these issues and more—informed, sensitive, comprehensive. A most valuable contribution."
—Noam Chomsky

“This remarkably comprehensive handbook is what so many of us have long been waiting for: it truly tells it like it is. After six years research and many more years of immersion in their subject, the authors seem to know everything about volunteering overseas and are generous and direct in sharing their knowledge. Anyone who has even considered volunteering abroad—whatever his or her age, interests, or abilities—will read it with delight and appreciation."
Clay Hubbs, Ph.D., Editor and Publisher or Transitions Abroad Magazine

“I take teams of people on international work projects every year. Presently I have a team going to Bosnia. The material presented in this book is insightful, accurate, practical and worth absorbing before working cross culturally. It is well written, very personal and engaging. Hats off to the contributors, authors, editors and publisher. It will get a lot of use.”
Dr. Daniel Hahn, International Work Trip Leader

“I did extensive research before going overseas to volunteer, and this book was my bible, beacon, guiding light, whatever you want to call it. It answered questions I didn't even know I had, and opened my eyes to the various ways I could accomplish a goal that, at the beginning, I thought had very few options for accomplishment. The appendix is incredibly thorough, and that alone could be a great resource. This book changed my ideas about how I wanted to volunteer, and in the end I completely restructured my plan and had a wonderful experience abroad. I would have felt very lost without this resource.”
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