‘Know Before You Go’ Contest Winners!

Not too long ago we wrapped up our ‘Know Before You Go’ video contest. After the contest closed we randomly selected names from those who entered the contest for some awesome prizes donated by our sponsors, which included an assortment of Eagle Creek bags, KEEN shoes, and our grand prize: a three-day stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Thanks again for participating and congratulations to the winners!


Final Winners

To get to know them better, we asked each of the winners to let us know why they think learning before serving is important, what they would like to see from Learning Service in the future, and to share any learning experiences they’ve had while volunteering abroad.

Why do you think learning before serving is important?


In my opinion, learning before serving is something that all volunteers should do. Before deciding what kind of volunteering work you want to join, you should be aware of all the polemics that are around that subject and the country you’re going to choose. This is the only way you can be sure that you’re helping a good cause and you’re not promoting something “suspicious”. – Inês Cunha


I think that you will get much more out of your experience if you are prepared. From knowledge about the country and a few words of the language, to sustainable practices within non-governmental organizations, being equipped with knowledge will enhance the self-awareness that you will gain through your work experience. – Rachel Owen


The best thing about learning before serving is knowing how to make the most of your time serving. – Todd Fass


Learning before service is important to avoid not only disappointment but also to make volunteering a mutually beneficial experience that does not perpetuate common stereotypes and perceptions of superiority on the side of the supposedly more “developed”.  – David Korenke


Service without learning is self-gratifying, empty work. It is in the learning and the relationships we build that we become better humans and truly embrace all humanity. – Kathy Millar


I think learning before serving is really important in order to better understand foreign culture, to make the most out of one’s own experience, and to provide the best possible help. – Janina Artmayer


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a volunteer experience?


My most important service lesson is that I don’t always know best or have all the answers. It was humbling to learn that there are multiple “correct” approaches to a challenge and that not all solutions work at all times. True service requires listening and learning. – Matthew Hughes


The biggest lesson I’ve learned from serving abroad is patience and participation. Even if it takes longer, you need local ideas, buy-in, and resources so best to include them early and be patient along the ride. – Eve Van Devender


The biggest lesson I’ve learned from volunteering (teaching English to refugees) is a greater understanding about the difficulties of coming to the United States as an immigrant or refugee, and what kind of resources would make the transition process easier. – Anna Lee White


What would you like to see from Learning Service in the future?


Work to partner with travel companies or industry leaders and come up with accepted best practices that can be adopted across the industry. I think it’s only a matter of time before the right people start to understand the lessons Learning Service is promoting. – Adam Vaught


Learning Service on KEEN Blog!

A big thank you to KEEN for featuring our contest on their blog and providing some awesome prizes!


Exploring foreign cities, meeting interesting people, tasting local cuisines – the reasons we love travel are endless. Recently volunteering has risen in the ranks of what motivates us to venture abroad. Every year more people jet across the world looking for ways to “give back” or “make a difference” to the communities who host us while traveling.


As with any growing trend, volunteer travel receives its fair share of criticism. Volunteers are often blamed for contributing to dependency, offering unsustainable solutions, and taking locals’ jobs. Spending some time uncovering the negative effects international volunteers can have on communities can become overwhelming and leave you wondering if volunteering is even worth it.


Continue reading on KEEN’s blog!

Soria Moria Boutique Hotel Hosting Contest Winner!

We are excited to announce the fabulous Soria Moria Boutique Hotel will be hosting our “Know Before You Go” contest winner during their 3-day stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia!


Will it be you?


To give you more chances to win we are extending the contest deadline until Friday, February 26. Head on over to the website and enter now! Watch the videos and answer all six question correctly and you’ll be in the running for the 3-day stay in Siem Reap.


Soria Moria is a small cheerful hotel with a special touch, located in the center of Siem Reap. The hotel was established in 2007 by a Norwegian couple with a strong interest in the sustainable development of tourism and several years of experience with living and working in Cambodia. In 2011 all employees were made partners and owners in the business, which makes Soria Moria the first employee-owned hotel in Cambodia.


Learn more about Soria Moria’s vision and responsible tourism practices visit their website: thesoriamoria.com

New video PLUS new prizes!



Wanting to do good in the world and wondering whether volunteering is the best way? Struck by an urge to make the world a better place but not sure what to do next? This video – the fifth in our series – is designed for you!


After watching, don’t forget to answer the quiz question for your chance to win a pair of KEEN shoes and an Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube!


Want the chance to win more prizes? We thought so.


If you haven’t already, check out the other videos in our “Know Before You Go” series and answer the corresponding questions. At the end of the contest everyone who answered all six correctly will be entered in a drawing to win a 3-day stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia and two new prizes thanks to Eagle Creek:


The Dane Brief


The Emerson Carry-All

We’re giving away KEEN Shoes!

Each week we’re giving away a pair of KEEN Shoes!

At the end of the contest we’re giving out 8 Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes. Also, those who’ve correctly answered all 6 questions will be entered in a drawing for a 3-day stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Congratulations to our winners so far:

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Visit learningservice.info/videocontest to enter. Who knows, you could be our next winner!