Recommended Reading: Voluntourism Solutions

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Voluntourism has been a hot topic in the media recently. Not too long ago the viral article “The Problem with Little White Girls (and Boys): Why I Stopped Being a Voluntourist” sparked some much needed conversations on the topic. We’ve noticed, however, most of the articles floating around the internet offer reasons why you shouldn’t

The Ethics of ‘Doing Good’ via Global Dimension

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Claire Bennett reflects on the ethics of students volunteering abroad – what steps can young people take to ensure they find a responsible placement with positive outcomes?   Claire has worked in global education for the last 10 years. She worked on the Global Youth Action project in collaboration with Think Global and worked with

“I learned more from the people of Peru than they could ever learn from me.”

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“A little girl grabbed my had, sat on my lap and started reading the story of “Tinkerbell” to me. Even though I spoke absolutely no Spanish she sat on my lap reading the entire story, complete with different voices for each character.” Meaghan, one of our Learning Service Ambassadors told us about her experience volunteering
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