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Time for some updates!

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You may have noticed, Learning Service website has been undergoing some changes and we are long overdue for an update!


The Library

We are so excited to announce our brand new, Learning Service Library. Searching for a responsible volunteer placement can seem daunting; so many options, but which one is right for you (and vice versa!)? So we created a hub full of articles, book and film recommendations, and TED talks to help you research all of the possibilities. We’ve also moved all of our guides, including a new, “Essential Reading” list into the library. All you need to do is register here for access!



The Book

Our book, The Essential Guide to Volunteer Travel, is in the editing stages and we are inching towards the finish line! Watch this space and sign up here to be notified of the book’s release. We’re so sorry for the delays, but look forward to getting this book to you!


The One-Line Gratitude JournalJournal Graphic-01

One big part of volunteering responsibly is making sure you have the right attitude. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by day-to-day life, even more so when you are outside of your comfort zone! We created the One-Line Gratitude Journal to help you take a moment, slow down, and think about the little things you are grateful for.  It’s designed as a multi-year journal, so you can jot down the things you’re grateful for today and revisit year after year the small joys you’ve experienced.


Our friends at Zoom IN Projects put together a little video explaining why gratitude is essential to living a full life:


Buy the book!