Voluntourism has been a hot topic in the media recently. Not too long ago the viral article “The Problem with Little White Girls (and Boys): Why I Stopped Being a Voluntourist” sparked some much needed conversations on the topic. We’ve noticed, however, most of the articles floating around the internet offer reasons why you shouldn’t be a volunteer tourist but not a lot of solutions. So we’ve compiled a list of recent articles highlighting ways to volunteer effectively:


In the article Know Before You Go: Key Tips for Volunteering Abroad, Part 1 featured on Volunteer Forever, you’ll find a handy list of tips summarized from the first three videos in our Know Before You Go series. Learn how to identify responsible volunteer organizations, be an effective volunteer, and continue learning and serving even after you’ve returned home.


Written by Learning Service for Everyday Ambassador, The Solution for Little White Girls (and Boys…and…Everyone…) gives an introduction to the fifth video in our recent series, “How Can I Do Good in the World?”


Also published on Everyday Ambassador, From Savior to Solidarity: An alternative for “White Girls” – and anyone else – considering international service offers another response to the popular “Problem with Little White Girls (and Boys)” article.


Rebecca Waxman, one of our very own Learning Service Ambassadors shares her thoughts on service as well as her personal experience in her piece on Medium.com, “Faux Pas of the Well-Intentioned Westerner.”


We hope you find these readings insightful! Have you found any helpful articles recently?