This is a guest post by Learning Service intern Julia Green, on how her experiences of experiential education spurred her to co-found the Travel Reset Movement.

At the time the pandemic hit, my entire life revolved around experiential education. At that time I was running a completely student-led travel and global service program at my school. I was planning on taking a gap year in India later in the year and in the future I was hoping to work in experiential education or wilderness psychotherapy, and maybe one day create my own travel organization. Initially I felt defeated by this sudden halt in travel and alone in my thoughts and feelings.

However, instead of letting myself fall into a spiral of doubt I decided to create a podcast and community called Generation Nomad. It was created by and for the next generation of globally-minded nomads, who want to create a more sustainable and ethical future for travel. Because of this I have been able to interview so many inspiring travelers and experiential education professionals who have all taught me so much and challenged my ideas around travel. This project has given me an outlet and a community of like-minded people to discuss these issues and concerns that we all have around the future of travel.

Through running Generation Nomad I found Learning Service and decided to ask Claire if I could interview her for the podcast. After our interview we discussed our feelings on travel and found that we were on very similar pages and from there I became a Learning Service intern. I was so excited about this opportunity to work with an advocacy group that I  aligned with so deeply. Through this internship we have created the Travel Reset Movement, with the mission of “bringing together like-minded people within the travel sector (travel companies, travel influencers, and travelers themselves) to discuss and create a more sustainable and ethical future in travel.”

I am curious and excited to see what the future of travel holds. Even though this sudden pause in the travel industry has been challenging in many ways, I’m extremely grateful for this time to rethink and reshape what the future of travel looks like. If we kept going down the same path our travel practices would not be sustainable. But because of this pause, we are able to rethink our individual and industry level travel practices to take into account ethics, sustainability and our effects on local communities around the world. We need to spread this message, challenge what has been done before, educate each other and continue this important conversation.

Julia Green is a 19 year-old based in California. She is passionate about the future of sustainable/ethical travel and experiential education. She runs a podcast and community called Generation Nomad, made to empower the next generation of globally minded nomads to travel differently and with purpose! Julia is currently on a Gap Year and is an intern for Learning Service. In her future she hopes to work in experiential education and wilderness psychotherapy in hope to help others use travel as a tool for education and self growth.